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Easy life insurance. For you and for them.

Maximize your offering with minimal effort

Whether you're an insurance agent, financial advisor or a divorce attorney, a Quotacy partnership allows you to expand the way you help your clients plan for their future. The best part is that you don't need to be a life insurance expert or anything close to one.

In 10 minutes or less, your clients can put the life insurance approval process in motion. Plus, they'll be paired with a (no-fee) Quotacy agent that will take care of the legwork and personally guide them every step of the way.

When you recognize your client has a need for life insurance, helping them is as easy as sending a templated email. It will have everything they need to get started and we'll even create it for you. We help:

  • Financial advisors, planners, and RIAs
  • Independent insurance advisors
  • Personal lines and commercial insurance agents
  • Estate planning attorneys
  • Personal bankers and loan officers

How it works for you

You're the Agent

Whether you're licensed to sell life insurance and want to be on the application or are unlicensed and just want to make sure your clients have a great buying experience, we'd be honored to help.

You Get Paid

Our Quotacy for Advisors program offers industry-leading commission, support, and resources, and is free to join with no monthly charges and no minimum sales requirements.

We Do the Work

When your client uses the Quotacy technology to quote and apply, our team will reach out and help them through every step of the life insurance buying process. You make the recommendation, we do the rest.

Our underwriting expertise ensures your clients get the best price

Quotacy employs its own in-house underwriters who have expert insight into how each life insurance company evaluates risk. After your client applies, our underwriters check to make sure they're matched with the company that will give them the best possible price and reach out if better options are available.

Experience Quotacy the way your clients will

What your clients will do

Build a Quote

Enter zip code, gender, birthday and smoking status to see instant life insurance quotes.

Choose a Policy

Compare life insurance policies with detailed info about each company and choose the best fit.

Apply Online

Applying online only takes 5 minutes. Plus, progress is saved for easy pick up.

What advisors can expect

  • Together, Quotacy and trusted partners help consumers cast a wider net to find the life insurance they need to protect their family.
  • Quotacy will uphold the established reputation of partners by delivering the same standard of excellence and unbiased guidance.

What your clients can expect

  • Quotacy offers tools, resources, and honest advice from licensed experts to help consumers decide what coverage is right for them.
  • Consumers can see prices and compare policies from top-rated life insurance companies all at once. And apply easily online.

The life insurance companies we work with

It's not just our excellent-rated customer service and underwriting expertise that makes us an easy choice. We also work with the nation's most trusted life insurance companies that are rated A or better including AIG, Lincoln Financial Group, John Hancock, and Prudential, among others. Allowing your clients to explore more options in less time and all in one place.

Our partner carriers

Your clients can explore more options in less time with side-by-side quotes from the nation's most trusted life insurance companies.

Quotacy Co-Founders Ryan Hallett (President), Jason Nash (VP of Sales), Abby Reddy (CMO), and Jeremy Hallett (CEO)

Who is Quotacy?

Quotacy is an independent life insurance broker that goes beyond helping customers find the best life insurance policy. We're dedicated to helping everyone from the very healthy to those facing great medical challenges.

We partner with some of the most trusted financial sites in the US as well as seasoned professionals, such as financial advisors (NAPFA). They trust we'll deliver an experience that reflects the best of their brand.

Quotacy is backed by Hallett Financial Group Inc., who will be processing your applications, licensing, carrier appointments, commission payments, and other back-office tasks.

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Who is Hallett?

Hallett is a life insurance Brokerage General Agency (BGA) that has been helping licensed insurance advisors since 1990. They offer custom life insurance quotes, case designs, case management services, and innovative tools.

Insurance professionals and broker-dealers nationwide turn to Hallett for comprehensive brokerage services and deep industry expertise delivered efficiently, consistently, and rooted in unwavering integrity.

Hallett also has deep relationships within their partner carriers, which is a competitive advantage that helps agents and advisors offer the best options to their clients.

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After you register for an account, our team will reach out to go over benefits, details, and how we can help families protect their loved ones together.

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